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Enterprise solutions Azzimov Trinity version

Azzimov is ideal for merchants with a large database of products who wants to increase the sales conversion by providing a guided & contextual navigation to their customers.

Azzimov (Trinity version) is built especially to let your user search and be guided contextually. Azzimov links cross-channels and heterogeneous data sources from articles, products, rich media or users.

To know more about how Azzimov Trinity works

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Azzimov Technology

The power to play with data has never been so easy.
Azzimov has brought a new way of working in many areas
of enterprise search to respond to today's needs.

  • Dynamic Knowledge graph

    Azzimov deconstruct data from any sources and represent it in his own dynamic knowledge graph to seemlessly agregate, classify, link content and attributes to re-organise and make sense of Big Data.

  • Guided navigation

    Azzimov is the only technology capable of giving a contextual guidance with any type of data. Search for products, articles, videos, etc. with Azzimov you are not limited by the usual indexation of tables. Azzimov provides a dynamic faceted search that adjust to the user's search context without any limits.

  • Mobile awesomeness

    Unique to Azzimov our patent pending "Two Button Navigation" helps users find what they are looking by contextually giving them the right information in real-time enabling the full mobile potential through a simple bar.

Research & Development The first business ready cognitive system

With the Daneel cognitive platform we can communicate with the user with natural language. It can be as easy as starting at a user’s vocal request enabling a full contextual conversation.

For example, in an e-commerce environment we understand and offer conversational guidance to the user to refine and find what they are looking for.

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